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Cherryland Electric Cooperative is proud to offer the Solar Up North (SUN) Alliance program. Members have the opportunity to purchase SUN shares and receive a monthly bill credit for their shares output without the risk and maintenance costs involved with traditional net metering.






Members can purchase solar shares for a one time investment of $470.00 each. All members are entitled to a $75.00 Energy Optimization rebate per panel. This will come in the form of a check or bill credit within 10-15 business days. Some members may also be able to access their patronage capital accounts (if available) for an additional $75.00 rebate per panel. These rebates will also come in the form of a check or bill credit. It is estimated that members can expect an average of $2.00 credit per month. This amount will be based on total monthly array output and will naturally vary based on weather conditions. 





Ready to sign up? Please complete the advanced reservation application. Submitting this application indicates your intention to purchase SUN Share(s). This application document is not a binding contract, it is simply a way to reserve your shares and help us better track the current demand for the project. In addition, once you've submitted your application we can evaluate what rebates are available to you and advise you accordingly. 



Solar Up North Alliance in the News


August 4, 2013    "MAREC, partners outline roadmap for community solar projects..."

                      , Joe Boomgaard


June 9, 2013        "Community solar concept a big hit at Michigan energy fair"

                                CBS Local Detroit, Matt Roush


June 7, 2013       "Utility officially launches solar program"

                               Interlochen Public Radio, Bob Allen


                        "A warm welcome ceremony for the 'SUN'"

                               UpNorthLive, Christina Burkhart


May 30, 2013     "Northern Michigan cooperative launches solar garden program"

                              Clean Energy, Amanda H. Miller


May 16, 2013     "The SUN looks to shine bright"

                              UpNorthLive, Christina Burkhart


April 28, 2013     "Utility co-op offers community based approach to access solar energy"

                    , Elijah Brumback


April 27, 2013    "Watt's New, Michigan Energy News"

                              The National Law Review, Bruce Goodman


April 11, 2013    "Cherryland plans solar project meeting"        

                              Traverse City Record Eagle, Glenn Puit


April 3, 2013      "Cherryland's solar project proves popular"    

                             Traverse City Record Eagle, Glenn Puit


March 7, 2013    "Cherryland eyes solar panel project"         

                             Traverse City Record Eagle, Glenn Puit           




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